iOS: The Digital Analytics SDK

Requirements for iOS environments

To develop iOS applications effectively with iOS SDK, follow these system and software requirements:

  • Mac OS X 13.x (or later)
  • Xcode 13.x (or later)
  • iOS bitcode is enabled in the iOS SDK and is built in 64 bit with the latest Xcode version for the xcframework library for the following architectures: arm64, and x86_64. By Apple standards, you are not required to turn in x86_64 versions that are used only for simulator testing.
  • Consult the Apple iOS Dev Center for the most recent iOS technical documentation and tools.
    Acoustic Tealeaf client frameworks do not support forwarding of application data to third-party systems. Application data must be forwarded to the server that hosts the native application.
    Tealeaf has passed all Apple Store and Google Play Store regulations. If you encounter an issue with the Tealeaf library that is related to required scanning for Apple Store and Google Play Store, you can work directly with your Tealeaf services representative to resolve the issue.

Supported operating systems

  • iOS platform versions 12.x

Supported frameworks

The SDK can be integrated with iOS apps developed with the following frameworks.

Supported frameworksTealeaf sample codeDocumentation
Objective CSampleCode_DigitalAnalytics_iOS_KitchenSinkNewContains an Objective-C sample application that demonstrates how to integrate and use the Digital Analytics SDK.
SwiftSampleCode_DigitalAnalytics_iOS_SwiftDigitalAnalyticsPagesContains a Swift sample application that demonstrates how to integrate and use the Digital Analytics SDK.

Digital Analytics iOS package contents

There are two folders created for the Digital Analytics iOS release that can be found on github

  • EOCore folder - Contains base xcframework library needed for Tealeaf and Digital Analytics to communicate to the server.
  • DAMod folder - Contains xcframework library that will collect Digital Analytics data that passed to EOCore.