Acoustic Content is a cloud content management system with integrated asset classification. Developers can use APIs to create and manage content and to integrate content into their mobile applications, web apps, or any other channel where content is required. The product also provides a graphical user interface for business users to create and manage content.

The following APIs are available for Acoustic Content:

  • Authoring services APIs, which require authentication and are not optimized for retrieval by applications in production.
  • Delivery services APIs, which can be accessed anonymously and are optimized for caching and performance.

The two APIs are similar and you can switch between the authoring and delivery services by changing the URL path in the code. For example, change the path from authoring to resources in the following authoring resource URL https://{DomainName}/{path}/authoring/v1/resources/{resource-id} to switch to the delivery resource service URL https://{DomainName}/{path}/delivery/v1/resources/{resource-id}.

Note: Since the Authoring services require authentication you can switch from the delivery resource URL only after the login call.

This API documentation is also available on GitHub in OpenAPI version 2.0 YAML format.

For technical reasons, this YAML file could be more recent than the API documentation displayed here.

To make local development easier, this OpenAPI version of the can be imported into Postman, Insomniac or another API Client, via this URL This will create entries for all of the API calls that are available on the Acoustic Content platform.