Retrieve filtered content by id in bulk

Returns an array of requested filtered content items. Restricted content items cannot be accessed.
To access those content items too, you have to use /mydelivery/v1/content/bulk_retrieve.

Sample request body for retrieving id and title fields of two content items with id '7f2335cc-d91d-4f52-9e26-2d9402e463c0' and '1067771c-ec05-4671-951b-18f503953f2d':

  "ids": ["7f2335cc-d91d-4f52-9e26-2d9402e463c0", "1067771c-ec05-4671-951b-18f503953f2d"],
  "fields": ["id", "title"]

For each content item requested ..

  • If a content item is not found for a specified id, the content retrieval for that id is skipped.
  • If a specified field is not found in the content, it will not be present in the response.
  • If no fields are specified for filtering, the whole content item is returned.
  • The ids array cannot be empty and hence, there should be at least one id specified for lookup.
  • A maximum of 25 content items can be retrieved at once. If the ids field is found to have more entries, only the first 25 content items requested are returned.

    User roles: admin, manager, editor, viewer, authenticatedVisitor, anonymous
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