Create a page.

Use this endpoint to create a page in a specified site. The body of the request should contain the metadata for the new page.
This metadata should include the page 'name', optional 'position' relative to its peers and the 'contentId' or 'contentTypeId'.
Specify 'contentId' to associate an existing content item with the page or specify 'contentTypeId' to create an empty content item using the specified content type.
The 'position' field is optional, value is an integer value starting at 0. If not set position is set to the last sibling position.
The 'layoutId' field is also optional. If not set the selected layout for the new content item will be the default layout mapped to the specified content type.
If the 'layoutId' field is specified it must be the ID of an existing layout. If the specified layout is not mapped to the content type then the default layout mapped to the content type will be used instead.

User roles: admin, manager

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