Customize the OSLO sample

The Acoustic Content trial and standard editions include features that help you create your own website, including a sample site that is created and stored in Content. To get a free trial version or to upgrade to the standard edition, go to the Acoustic Content.

A Content website consists of two pieces:

  1. Site application - This application is an Angular web application that is hosted on the CDN provided with Content. The site application is customized by a web developer/designer working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The source for the site application is managed by the web developer typically by using a source code management system, such as GitHub. The site application uses an SDK library that provides optimized access to Content by using REST services.

  2. Site content - This content includes the site/storefront page structure, content and images, the content model, and the choices for layouts and styles for the site or storefront. The site content is created and managed by non-developers in the user interface.

The Oslo sample (website)

Oslo is a fictitious home furnishing design site that you can modify to fit your needs. It contains the out-of-box content types, layouts, pages, and content. The pages and content are managed by content composers in the Content UI. The content composers can edit the site pages, navigation tree, and content. They can also create new pages, author new content, and define new content types and page types. The modified site can then be reviewed, approved, and published from the Content UI.

The site appearance is handled by the templates and styles that are managed by a developer. The visual appearance of site pages and content items is controlled by the layouts that are defined for the related content types. Layouts are created and customized by the front-end developer who works with the site application. They are assigned to pages and content in the Content UI. Each layout uses an Angular component to render the page or content by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Each layout also has a thumbnail image to help in selecting layouts.



When Content provides updates to the Oslo sample, you must download and install the sample manually. You can download the sample from Github.
You can install and update the Oslo sample by following this tutorial: Updating your Oslo sample.
For the full Oslo roadmap, use the following tutorial: Roadmap -- Developing your own website.