Optimize and transform images with Akamai Image Manager



Effective September 2024, Akamai Image Converter in Content will be deprecated and no longer supported. It is strongly recommended to transition to Akamai Image Manager as the replacement solution. Akamai Image Converter in Content may be removed on or after September 2025.

The image manager is commonly used when you want dynamic image sizing for different page views (e.g., mobile device types), the same picture to display in different sizes (e.g., thumbnails and enlargements), or to convert image formats (e.g., converting a TIFF to a JPEG).
For example, you could use the Image Manager when you want to display images originating from your desktop site on your mobile site. For desktop sites, images are generally designed for fast connections and large browser display areas. Image Manager allows you to transform these images so they work better with the layout and performance considerations of all your client devices but without the need to create, maintain, store, and serve multiple versions of the same images.

To start using the Image Manager for transforming your images, follow the instructions at IMQuery
You can use any of the im properties to modify any images being delivered by Content. For example,