Develop your website

The Acoustic Content trial and standard editions include features that help you create websites, and include a pre-installed fictitious sample website Oslo. Oslo is a responsive sample website that illustrates what you can create by using Content. You can use the sample site as a starting point for customizing your own website. Work with your team to develop a website that will engage customers and drive business to your site. Follow this roadmap to get started with building and developing your own website with Content standard edition.

Get your own standard edition of Acoustic Content

Get a free trial version or upgrade to the standard edition from Acoustic Content.

To build your website using headless CMS, check out the sample React-Based “Traveler” website using headless CMS. Preview the Traveler website sample.

Get the Content developer tool

Prerequisite - Install a Node environment with a recent stable version greater than Node >= 8.

  1. Install the command-line interface (CLI) based utility for working with Content -- wchtools.
  2. Learn to work with the CLI tool -- [Working with wchtools.](

Set up the Content website sample Oslo

The website sample Oslo comes preinstalled with Content standard edition.



You must manually install the Oslo sample when you have an older trial tenant, when you upgraded to the standard edition, and the sample website was not installed or does not display.

To manually install the Oslo sample

  1. Download the Content sites single-page application content from GitHub.
  2. Install the Oslo site content by following the instructions in the tutorial Update the Oslo site.

The default Oslo sample is based on the Angular framework. You can also try the sample site in other frameworks.

  1. Try the sample Oslo site in React.js -- Oslo sample in React.
  2. Try the sample Oslo site in Vue.js -- Oslo sample in Vue.

Get to know the starter site

Familiarize yourself with the sample website Oslo. Learn about the sample website structure, content model, and how your team can collaborate and work with the sample site to make it your own.

  1. Website development -- Creating and managing sites.
  2. Developing your own website -- Overview.

Set up your development environment

Setting up a local development environment helps you to make changes to the code without disrupting the live site or the changes that are made by other team members. You can test and debug your work locally.

  1. Download the site application source files -- Site source.
  2. Work in your local development environment -- Setting up your development environment.
  3. Understand the programming model -- Programming Model for customizing the sample.

Customize the sample site

Explore and experience the sample Oslo by customizing the site and make the sample website your own. To adapt the starter site for your purposes, you must customize the site application and the site content.

Customize the site content

  1. Creating pages for your website
  2. Creating and editing pages
  3. Designing for your brand with templates

Customize the site application

  1. Adding layouts for an existing content type
  2. Adding layouts for a new content type or page type
  3. Customizing header and footer
  4. Adding a new element to banner section
  5. Creating Iframe components
  6. Customizing site search
  7. Adding analytics to your site

Get inspiration for customizing the sample Oslo site from the samples in the Acoustic Content samples gallery.

Update the sample site to the latest version

Content delivers new features frequently to create a better and easier web developing experience for you. Sometimes to enable the new features in your Oslo sample, you must update the Oslo sample to the latest version.

To update the Oslo sample

  1. Download the Acoustic Content Sites single-page application content from GitHub.
  2. Install the Oslo site content in your tenant by following the instructions in the tutorial Updating the Oslo site.