Integrate Content palette

You can now use the Acoustic Content palette in delivery mode. By using the palette in delivery mode, you can now select content and assets without authentication. The palette in the delivery mode returns only the published assets and content. This tutorial shows you how to launch the Content palette in the delivery mode in your application.

Check out the Content Palette sample provided by Content. Preview the sample.

Before you begin

You must have a Content subscription from which you want to select content or assets. If you do not already have a Content subscription, you can sign up for free here: Acoustic Content

Determine the API URL

The client must specify the API URL when the palette is launched. The API URL is added as the apiUrl query parameter. For example:**?apiUrl=**

Obtain the API URL from Developer > URL information page.

Handling CORS

  • The delivery palette is only accessible through the authoring host [ .]( ) or [ .]( )
  • Therefore, API requests are issued from the authoring host but are made to the delivery host. Requests to the delivery host from other domains are blocked by default and you encounter a CORS exception. CORS or Cross-Origin Resource Sharing is a mechanism that allows restricted resources on a web page to be requested from another domain outside the domain from which the first resource was served.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to add the or authoring host as a trusted domain for your subscription.

Access the delivery palette

Now that you know your API URL and enabled CORS you can access the Content Palette in delivery mode at the URL determined in step one:**?apiUrl=**

You can add further query parameters to launch the palette in other modes too. For example:
1. Launch the delivery palette for content items only:
2. Launch the delivery palette for assets only:
3. Launch the delivery palette for image assets only:
4. Launch the delivery palette for image assets tagged with nature only:

Access the Content palette sample page

You can access the delivery palette through the sample page:



The sample page also includes authoring launch modes that require you to be logged in to Content and have the Content cookies. The delivery options are unauthenticated.

Expected outcome

You can now access all of the content and assets from your Content subscription using the Content palette.