Integrate with Acoustic Exchange as a Business Partner


Acoustic Exchange ecosystem partners can integrate their solutions with Exchange.

Partners can integrate with Exchange only after the solution provider completes an account provisioning process. The process includes implementation of Exchange public APIs, and solution testing in the Exchange Pilot environment, and review and approval of the solution as an Exchange endpoint.


1. Request an Exchange account

Contact the Exchange Partner team at [email protected] to begin the process of integrating with Exchange as a business partner.

2. Validate compatibility with Exchange

Validate that your business solution is compatible with Exchange. Complete the following steps:

  • Submit and nominate your solution as a candidate for integration with Exchange as an Exchange endpoint provider.
  • Complete a solution review, including a demonstration to Acoustic. You must access the Exchange Pilot environment to complete this step.
  • Receive the Ready for Acoustic Exchange mark and sign the associated license agreement.

3. Begin solution review process

To begin the solution review process, implement Acoustic Exchange public APIs and test your solution in the Exchange Pilot environment. The exact steps depend on the applications with which you want to syndicate event and audience data through Acoustic Exchange.

Acoustic Exchange must give you the access credentials and base URL for API calls to the Pilot environment. The Exchange Provisioning Team sends the access credentials in a series of email messages to a contact that you must designate.

4. Enable user access

Create a user interface or business process that enables Exchange users to submit an authentication key to you when they request that you register your endpoint with Acoustic Exchange on their behalf.

Upon completion of the solution review in the Pilot environment, demonstrate the candidate endpoint to Acoustic. Acoustic must approve your solution as an Exchange endpoint and authorize promotion from the Pilot environment to the Production environment.Acoustic must grant you access to Acoustic Exchange Production and give you the base URL for API calls to the Production environment.

5. Update API call URLs

Change the base URLs of your API calls to Exchange to point to the Exchange Production environment.

Expected outcome

After Acoustic Exchange promotes your endpoint to Production, when you receive a registration request and an authentication key from an Exchange user, you can register as an Exchange endpoint on behalf of that Exchange user account. Doing so enables the Exchange user to syndicate event or audience data that your business solution produces or consumes.