Work with Acoustic Exchange Capture configuration settings

Successfully access Acoustic Exchange Capture and copy the enablement key in your application.

Create an alias

You have 100 characters to create a nickname or a longer description for your enablement. If there is only one instance of the application you want to activate for enablement, it is highly advised that you make an alias. This adds context to the enablement, which is useful in the future when you add enablements. It is easier to look through all of your enablements to see if there is already an existing enablement for an application.

If there are multiple instances of an application you want to activate, creating at least a nickname is necessary. However, creating a description is the most useful route to take with multiple instances.

###Provide the name of the identifier lookup function (optional)
This field is optional, but you can use it if you want to use a different lookup function than the one provided by Exchange. Depending on your application, we provide a function to retrieve the identifier (Engage ECID, Digital Analytics cookie ID, etc.) so that it can be synced with an demand side platform (DSP) partner’s ID. By identifying an override function for the ID lookup function, you can create your own function to do the same job or to lookup a different identifier than the default used by Exchange. For example, if you want to use an e-mail address instead of an ECID as an identifier for Acoustic Campaign, you can do so by using the override hosted on your page and providing the name of the override function in the configuration settings.

Note: I you want to use a different identifier than the default, you still have to choose one that is supported by the solution endpoint – you cannot pick any identifier at random.

Below is an example of a custom override function:

function user_defined_function() {
var userIdValues = {};
userIdValues[‘Email’] = myGetEmailFunction();
userIdValues[‘otherID’] = ‘xyz’;
return userIdValues;

In this case, you would enter “user_definded_function” in the configuration settings. The function should always return an object of identifier name/value.

Contacting vendor

If you are unsure where to obtain all the values to configure an application for Acoustic Exchange Capture enablement, you have to contact the vendor of the application directly. You might get away with reading the vendor’s documentation, but please note that the information may not always come from Exchange.