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CMS configuration

A content management system (CMS) manages the creation and modification of digital content. It typically supports multiple users in a collaborative environment.

Acoustic Personalization gives capability to users to specify the content management system for the content(such as images, graphics, audio, video) for personalization.


Ensure that the API URL that you register in Acoustic Personalization is the same that is used in your channel to create or update the content.

Acoustic Content

Acoustic Content is a content management system that provides you with a centralized environment where you can easily create, store, and manage content.

Acoustic Content does not use a folder structure to organize content and assets. Instead, it uses an organizational model that includes rich metadata and multiple search and filter options to group and find related items in a way that makes sense to you. The content that is stored in the content hub's vast repository is organized for quick retrieval and easy integration into the channel of your choice or even among multiple channels. Categories and tags, give you both structured and flexible ways to add metadata to items that you upload or create in your content hub.

To connect Acoustic Personalization to Acoustic Content, you need to provide the API URL.

For more information, see Acoustic Content configuration


If you want to use a content management system other than Acoustic Content, you must select the Other option in the CMS registration. You need to provide a path to the location or HTML Blob of the content to be used for personalization.

Example: HTML blob

  <html> <img src="" alt="The
  head and torso of a dinosaur skeleton; it has a large head with long sharp teeth"
  width="400" height="341"> <p>A T-Rex on display in the Manchester University
  Museum.</p> </html> 

Example: API URL

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CMS configuration

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