Configure DDX with Personalization

The Digital Data Exchange (DDX) is a tag management system that allows you to configure and insert DDX Vendor and DA code on your web pages. DDX vendor enablement can also send vendor data directly to Exchange.


  • Configure and enable DDX on your MPA channel.
  • Configure tagging in DDX. For more information, see the DDX
  • Confirm a pageview event is triggered for every page, on page load.
  • Register Digital Analytics as an endpoint in Exchange and Capture.
  • Register your channel in Personalization and have the channel ID available with you.



DDX configuration with Personalization is currently supported for MPA only.



If you need help enabling the real-time collector for DA events, contact support.

Add the tracking code to your MPA

The tracking code enables DA to track the visitor behavior on your channel.

  1. Add the Exchange Capture enablement key to the following code. You can get the enablement key from Exchange Capture > Tools and click the enablement key icon.
  2. Add the following tracking code at the beginning of the HEAD tag of each HTML page.
         var channelID = "<<Channel Tenant ID>>";
         var DA_Id = "<<DA ID>>"; 
         var ubxEvents = [];		
         var identifiersMapperArray = [];   
<script type="text/javascript" src="//">
<script> ubxCapture.setTenantID("WRTP","<<channel tenant ID>>");
               ubxCapture.setTenantID("DA","<<DA ID>>");
<script type="text/javascript"> ubxCapture.setID("<<UBX Capture Enablement Key>>"); 



If your channel is configured with DDX but without Exchange, remove the code that links eluminate.js and cmSetClientID. When configured with Exchange, the same connection is created through Exchange.

For MPA, add the following code in the BODY tag of each HTML page.

ibm_ubx.registerCallback("WRTP", function (eventPayload) {
                if(eventPayload) {

Configure DDX

  1. Log in to DDX and go to Assets > Code Snippets.
  2. Create a new code snippet, for example, rtpIntegrationSnippet
  3. Add the following code to the snippet and click Save.
cm_ATEnabled = true;
    cid: DA_Id,
    version: 1,
    partners: [{
    pid: 9999,
    type: 'S',
 url: '',
 surl: '',
    key: 'WRTP'
    tags: [ 
	    [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 14, 15]
    segmentRules: [],
    segments: [],
    usesNewRepeat: false
  1. Go to Assets > Page Groups.
  2. Then, go to Page Group > Code Snippets.
  3. Select your code snippet from Available code snippets.
  4. Add the selected code snippet to Selected Code Snippets and click Save.

Deploy on DDX

Deploy your code snippet in DDX. For more information, see the DDX knowledge center.

MPA configuration

Channel tenant ID helps to identify your channel; hence this ID must be passed as an extra field for every event. You can choose the index location for channel tenant ID from the 15 available indexes. For every event, send the channel tenant ID using the attributes.extraFields at the appropriate index. For Example: = { attributes : { extraFields :  "<<Channel Tenant Id>>" + "-_-ExtraField2-_-ExtraField3-_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_-" } }

You must use the same index for every event. Also, configure the same index value in the DA Extra Field Index field of Exchange Capture.

Add personalization code to the index.html file of your MPA. For more information, see Configure zones on your channel.