Configure content management system

A content management system (CMS) manages the creation and modification of digital content. You can manage content such as images, graphics, audio, and video. It supports multiple users in a collaborative environment. In Personalization, you can specify the content management system you want to use.



Use the same API URL used in your channel to register in Personalization to create or update the content.

Acoustic Content

Acoustic Content provides you a centralized environment to create, store, and manage content. Content does not use a folder structure to organize content and assets. Instead, it uses rich metadata to organize and group content. You can easily search and filter content and related items. You can retrieve and easily integrate content into the channel of your choice. You can use the content in multiple channels as well. Categories and tags are a structured and flexible way to add metadata to items stored in Content. For more information about creating content, see Acoustic Content

Connect to Acoustic Content

To connect Personalization to Acoustic Content, complete the following steps:



Use the same API URL used in your channel to register in Personalization to create or update the content.

To connect Content with Personalization, you must get the API URL. To get API URL:

  1. Log in to Acoustic Content and go to Developer > URL information.
  2. Copy the API URL from the URL information page.
  3. Log in to Personalization and go to Settings.
  4. In the Settings menu, click Content management and then Register a new CMS.
  5. Type the name for the new CMS. CMS name should not have these characters: ~ ` ! @ # $ %^ & * ( ) + = < > , . \ / | { } [ ]
  6. Select the source CMS as Acoustic Content from the list.
  7. Paste the API URL in the API URL field. The API URL must begin with HTTPS.
  8. Click Validate URL to verify a successful connection with Acoustic Content.

Using the content from Acoustic Content

  1. Go to Content > All content.
  2. Select the content you want to use and click the three-dot menu for that content. A dialog window appears.
  3. From the dialog window, copy the Item ID.
  4. Next, open the HTML page in which you want to use the content. Add the below code in the header tag of the HTML page.
<script src="">
  <script src="./wch-renderer.js"></script>
  <script type="text/javascript">
    new WCHRenderer({ baseTenantURL: ''}).renderAll();
  1. Include the file wch-renderer.js in the current directory.
  2. Go to the HTML tag in which you want to use the content and surround that tag with the following code.
<script type="text/x-handlebars-template" data-wch-content-id="ITEMID">
  <div id="outlet" class="banner-agile" style="background-image: url(elements.image.url);"> 
  <Your HTML tag>


Replace ITEMID with the value of the Item ID that you copied from Acoustic Content
7. Make any necessary changes to the CSS stylesheet. Or, you can replace the banner-agile class in the code with the CSS class of the outer tag.
8. To verify, open the HTML page in a web browser. It shows the content rendered from Acoustic Content.

Connect to other CMS

To use a content management system other than Acoustic Content:

  1. Select the Other option in the CMS registration.
  2. Provide a path to the location or HTML blob of the content for personalization.
    Example HTML blob:
<html> <img src="" alt="The
  head and torso of a dinosaur skeleton; it has a large head with long sharp teeth"
  width="400" height="341"> <p>A T-Rex on display in the Manchester University
  Museum.</p> </html>

Example API URL: