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Personalization library versions

Library version history

This table provides all the Acoustic Personalization library versions and the corresponding features.


Current STABLE version is 1.5.0.



(Latest version)

  • Support for the capability to show a header (title) for product recommendation zones on the channel. To use this feature, you must deploy library version 2.2.0 and then configure the zone as described in this article.
  • Support for personalization using contextual information of the channel visitor.


  • Support for ability to specify dynamic model input sources for product recommendations
  • Support for ability to generate product recommendations based on an individual visitor's behavior on the channel in the current and previous sessions.


Upgrading to this Library version requires changes to zone configuration.

  • Updates to zone configuration:
    • Zone configuration made simpler: The getContentID() function for content personalization and getRecommendedProducts() function for product recommendations are now merged into a common getContent() function.
    • The jsWrtp object is now changed to PersonalizationLibrary.
  • Added support for new content types:
    • recommendation
    • custom-url
    • custom-html
    • wch-html
    • wch-url
    • "" (null)

For detailed instructions about how to configure zones using this Library version, see Zone configuration

  • Caching implementation to reduce the frequent checks for personalization rules
  • Capturing click events made simpler: The trackevent() and trackProduct() functions are now replaced by a common collectBehavior() function.
  • The Local Storage object ibmrtp is now replaced by acousticPZN.
  • Added new helper functions to clear the Local Storage data


  • Added support for PageView events


STABLE version


  • Support for Goals feature
  • Defect fixes


Content Personalization:

  • Support for Preview feature
  • Support for shared audiences
  • Fix for ignoring the case of Acoustic Exchange object properties
  • Improved session management for capturing the click events

Product Recommendations:

  • Fix for sending the event when a recently viewed product is added to cart


  • Bug fixes for capturing the click events feature.


  • Support for setting a log level in Personalization Library.
  • Fixed the Acoustic Exchange multiple-domain cookie issue.


Content Personalization:

  • Implemented new response codes for Personalization Library

Product Recommendations:

  • Update to specify Catalog ID at the organization-level
  • Support for the number (limit) of recommended products to be displayed on the channel
  • Support for Unique ID to avoid duplicate products in the recommendations
  • API updates for Personalization Library response code changes from 404 to 204


  • Bug fix for personalization not being displayed intermittently.


  • Acoustic branding changes: wrtp/ole changed to acoustic/personalization
  • Support for Microsoft Edge browser for personalization
  • Defect fixes


  • Fix for the repeating product ID issue for MPA


  • Filter functionality for product recommendations
  • Updates required for the Most recent algorithm used in product recommendations
  • Defect fixes


  • Flexibility to choose the version of Personalization Library
  • Performance optimizations
  • Support for Cart Add and Cart Purchase events in Product Recommendations