Setting up Personalization

Setting up Acoustic Personalization requires a set of steps by the channel developer and another set of steps to be performed by the marketer. This topic provides a bird's-eye view of the steps that a channel developer must take to set up Personalization on their channel.

For the steps required by the marketer, see the Personalization workflow topic in the Help Center.


Quick start path is available

A quick start guide is available as an alternative to the steps outlined in this article for setting up Personalization. By the end of the quick start guide, you'll have a working implementation of Personalization where contextual-based rules are working and ready to try.

If you prefer to follow the full setup instructions for a site built from a Multi-Page Application, continue with the instructions highlighted in this article.

Review the channel requirements

A channel is the mode by which personalization is delivered. Acoustic Personalization currently supports websites as a channel. Ensure that the channel (that is, the website) you want to personalize meets the following prerequisites:

  • The channel is either a Single-Page Application (SPA) or a Multi-Page Application (MPA).
  • Channel has predefined zones, with each zone uniquely identified by a Zone ID.
  • Channel has a rendering engine to render (display) the personalized content returned by Personalization.
  • Channel is configured with an analytics library. Currently, the following analytics libraries are supported:

Access privileges

  • You have access to the content (for example, images, audio, video) to be used for personalization. Content can either be pulled from Acoustic Content or accessed from a publicly hosted URL.
  • You have an Acoustic Exchange account. If you already have an account, you should use the same. If you do not have an Exchange account, create a ticket on Acoustic support for provisioning one.

Browser support
Personalization is supported on the latest versions of the following web browsers.

Apple SafariVersion 12.1.1 and later
Google ChromeVersion 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build)(64-bit) and later
Mozilla FirefoxVersion 62.0.2 (64-bit) and later

Personalization is not supported on Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11.

Subscribe to Personalization

If not already done, you need to request for provisioning an account in Personalization. After your organization is provisioned, you receive the credentials to access the Personalization application and the Organization ID (Org ID) specific to your organization.


You can view the provisioning information (such as the Org ID, channels provisioned, users provisioned) on the Implementation status page.

Register your channel

Register your channel in Personalization, thus making it available for selection when you set up various features.
After you register the channel, keep a note of the unique channel ID.

Register endpoints in Exchange and Exchange Capture

Acoustic Exchange and Exchange Capture process the visitor behavior data and the channel events data received from the analytics library. In order to achieve this, you need to register your Acoustic Personalization endpoints and the analytics library endpoints in Acoustic Exchange and Exchange Capture

Integrate your analytics library with Exchange

An analytics library is software that collects visitor actions in the form of events on the web pages, for example, product views, page views, add products to cart, and so on. This event data is passed to Personalization through Exchange and Exchange Capture.

In order to achieve this, you configure your analytics library.

Configure the Personalization library

Personalization library is a software package that matches the visitor behavior and events information received from Exchange with the personalization rules that the marketer creates. Based on this comparison and further processing, the library generates suggestions for displaying the personalized content or product recommendations on the channel zones.
You Configure library by first deploying it on your channel and then configuring the zones with the personalization script.

After you complete these steps, your channel is configured and ready for personalization. Now your marketing team can proceed to create personalization rules or product recommendation strategies in Personalization.

Set up additional features

After you have configured the personalized zones on your channel, you can implement the following additional features:

Capture the click events on zones
You can configure the zones to capture the click events, so as to track the effectiveness of your personalized content. Capturing the click events is essential to generate the performance reports for the personalization.

Configure geolocation
You can configure geolocation to display personalized content based on the visitor's geographical location, thus providing a more targeted user experience.