Configuring the JavaScript

UI Capture JavaScript interactions with web application pages

The UI Capture JavaScript is able to monitor user interface events by attaching keyboard and mouse event listeners to HTML elements on the pages of your web application.

Overriding existing API

In some cases, overrides the existing browser API.

Currently, this override behavior occurs for the following event.


overrides the default window.onerror event handler to track client-side error conditions that do not generate a transaction with the web server. The UI Capture library performs this override only if there is no current listener for window.onerror.

Block sensitive data fields

If required, sensitive information that is submitted by visitors into client-side forms can be blocked in the JSON data that is submitted to .

For example, if a visitor enters a social security number into a form field, you can configure field block rules to block the entered social security number (such as XXX-XX-XXXX).