Tealeaf UI Capture overview

UI Capture is a JavaScript (JS) library that integrates with a web application to capture data related to visitor interaction, browser environment, and performance. The data is processed and used for a wide range of customer analytics, usability reports, and replaying actual visits.

UI Capture comes with an extensive capability of data capture functionality, but the framework can also be extended to enable capture of a wide variety of custom data.

Some examples of data captured by UI Capture include mouse clicks, keyboard input, scroll, touch interactions, snapshots of the rendered HTML (DOM snapshots), browser type, screen dimensions, cookies, JavaScript exceptions, and page load time.

Supported browsers, application types, and protocols for UI Capture

Supported browsers

The UI Capture JavaScript is supported for deployment to the following browsers:

  • IE 11.0 and Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox 30.0 and later
  • Chrome 30 and later
  • iOS 7 Mobile Safari and later

Note about Acoustic Tealeaf CX on-prem

For replay, the Tealeaf RealiTea Viewer uses an embedded instance of the version of Internet Explorer that is installed on the local machine. Replay of Tealeaf sessions in Tealeaf RealiTea Viewer (RTV), the stand-alone application for desktop replay, requires Internet Explorer support. If Internet Explorer is not supported by your enterprise’s IT department, basic replay can be managed through the browser.

Creation of events that monitor JSON-based data that is submitted from Acoustic Tealeaf UI Capture is not supported in Tealeaf RealiTea Viewer. You must use Browser-Based Replay to create events from these versions of UI Capture.

Supported application types

All modern web applications are supported with the following exceptions:

  • Applications based on browser plugins, such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight
  • Java applets
  • Applications that render on HTML Canvas
  • Applications that use Shadow DOM will be captured with the following limitations:
  • Shadow DOM in closed mode will not be captured.
  • Polymer shimmed apps cannot be captured with UIC even if they do not use Shadow DOM.
  • Applications created using Polymer version 1.x or Polymer version 2.x may not be replayable.
  • Applications with deeply nested DOM trees are likely to encounter performance issues.
  • loadWithFrames event will continue to work for frames/iframes in the main document. This event is not supported for frames/iframes within a Shadow DOM tree.

Supported protocols

Tealeaf supports HTTP and HTTPS for request and response communication between client and server. Acoustic Tealeaf does not currently support any other protocols, such as HTTP streaming, HTTP push, or non-HTTP protocols, such as RTMP. Verify that your application does not use non-HTTP/HTTPS protocols.

Impact on your website

The UI Capture library is designed to minimize the load on the web server and the web page running in the browser.

The UI Capture JavaScript is minified and designed to be asynchronously loaded and cached by the browser.

Web server optimizations can further improve performance through server-side compression and caching settings.

The amount of data captured by UI Capture and the size of the network requests will depend on the size of the application pages, overall design of the application with respect to DOM mutations and the frequency of data capture configured within the library. It is strongly recommended to conduct application performance tests after integration and before deploying into production.

UI Capture Tutorials

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