Upgrade the Tealeaf SDK for Android

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Use the latest version of the Acoustic Analytics for Mobile Basic Edition SDK.


Before getting started, you need:


Some steps can vary depending on your development and application environments. The following example uses Eclipse as the development environment.

Perform the upgrade.

Follow these steps:

  1. If you are using a version of the Android SDK that is earlier than 10.1.0, remove uicandroid.jar and TLFConfigurableItems.properties from the project lib and assets folders.

  2. Add encore.jar and tealeafMod.jar to your project libraries. From your Eclipse project, select Build Path > Configure Build Path > Android, add encore.jar and tealeafMod.jar as libraries to your project.

  3. Add TealeafBasicConfig.properties, TealeafAdvancedConfig.json, EOCoreBasicConfig.properties, and EOCoreAdvancedConfig.json as assets in your project. From your Eclipse project select Assets > General > Choose file system > Next, then add TealeafBasicConfig.properties, TealeafAdvancedConfig.json, EOCoreBasicConfig.properties, and EOCoreAdvancedConfig.json.

  4. Edit PostMessageUrl in TealeafBasicConfig.properties to point your target server.

Verify the installation.

  1. Verify that the appropriate content types are being captured and forwarded by the CX PCA. See traffic capture verification.


This step turns on the switch to begin capturing and processing data from the mobile application into . Depending on the volume of data, you can use the kill switch. See Traffic volume management

  1. Verify that your application environment is configured to meet the project requirements.

  2. Verify that the requirement code changes were applied. See Android project changes.

  3. Apply the basic configuration.


The latest version of the Android SDK includes new configuration requirements. See Basic configuration

  1. Test your upgraded solution.

Expected outcome

You are upgraded to the latest version of the SDK.

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Upgrade the Tealeaf SDK for Android

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