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UI Capture usage guidelines

Usage Guidelines

For a successful implementation of the Acoustic Experience Analytics (Tealeaf) UI Capture SDK, follow these guidelines:

  • Deploy the UI Capture SDK as early as possible in the application development process for the following reasons:
    • Helps surface any integration issues earlier in the project lifecycle when it is relatively easier to make changes and implement the recommended best practices.
    • Aids the application development and testing process by leveraging Experience Analytics to monitor application performance and errors.
    • Including UI Capture SDK in the development cycle of your web application takes advantage of the existing change management and software maintenance practices of your enterprise.
    • Limits the potential for issues that are discovered in a production environment.
  • Follow the install instructions and recommended best practices to minimize the integration cost and performance overhead.
  • Always validate the UI Capture SDK integration, application performance and privacy masking of sensitive data in a test and/or staging environment before deploying into production.

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UI Capture usage guidelines

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