Uninstall UI Capture

To uninstall UI Capture, apply the following changes in your Development environment.


Skill Level: Any


  1. Save a copy of the currently deployed UI Capture JavaScript. If you minified the JavaScript, save a version of the source JavaScript.
  2. Remove the references to the UI Capture files from the pages of your web application.
  3. Remove the UI Capture files from the area where they are installed on your web server.
  4. Remove the Tealeaf target page.
  5. Push the changes to the server.
  6. Verify that no browser errors are generated in visitor browsers when you visit your own web application.
  7. Verify that Tealeaf UI Capture events are no longer being captured and processed by Tealeaf.
  8. Disable any Tealeaf event objects that reference UI events captured by Tealeaf UI Capture.

Expected outcome

If the changes are applied successfully in your development environment, you can apply them in your Test and Production environments in succession.

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