AspectJ migration guide

Starting with Android SDK version 2.0, the AspectJ library is no longer supported. The Android SDK will not use the AspectJ library for auto instrumentation.

The features that previously used auto instrumentation will now be integrated as part of the SDK. If manual instrumentation is required, the instructions will be documented.

When you migrate from previous versions of the Android SDK to the Android SDK version 2.0, complete the following steps to remove the AspectJ dependency.

  1. Remove the AspectJ plugin from the project's build.gradle file.
buildscript {
    ext.aspectj_version = "4.2.1"

    dependencies {
        classpath "com.archinamon:android-gradle-aspectj:$aspectj_version"

  1. Remove the AspectJ dependencies from the app's build.gradle file.
a) apply plugin: 'com.archinamon.aspectj'

b) dependencies {
        implementation 'com.ea:teacuts:3.0.7'

c) aspectj {
        includeAllJars true
        includeJar 'teacuts'
        includeAspectsFromJar 'teacuts'
  1. Delete the following Teacuts library configuration files in the assets folder.
  • TeaCutsAdvancedConfig.json
  1. Update the app's build.gradle file to use the following dependencies.
dependencies {
        // Tealeaf SDK libraries
        implementation 'com.ea:eocore:x.x.x'
        implementation 'com.ea:tealeaf:x.x.x'
  1. Merge the following Tealeaf and EOCore configuration files.
  • EOCoreAdvancedConfig.json
  • TealeafAdvancedConfig.json



You can use the SampleCode_Tealeaf_Android_DarkHoloAuto sample app as a reference.