Implement the Tealeaf Web SDK


Implement the Web SDK in your web applications.


Depending on the complexity of your web application, a Tealeaf Web SDK implementation can require Acoustic consulting services. For more information, contact Acoustic Professional Services.

Before you begin

  • Verify the software release that is used by your system.
  • Review the guidelines for use. See Web SDK usage guidelines.
  • Verify that you have the latest version of the software. The Web SDK release bundle can be found publicly on GitHub.

Support for RealiTea Viewer

The Tealeaf RealiTea Viewer is a stand-alone desktop application that can be used to replay sessions captured by Tealeaf, including client UI events. You must install RealiTea Viewer on your local desktop to replay sessions that include UI events.



Replay of sessions that are captured by Web SDK is not fully supported in the RealiTea Viewer.

  • The JSON messages that contain UI events are not fully supported in the RealiTea Viewer.
  • For replay of JSON messages, use Browser-Based Replay.
    Web SDK is compatible with Release 8.6 and later. It is not compatible with earlier releases.

Support for mobile web application capture

A license for Tealeaf CX Mobile is required to capture data from mobile web applications. See "Client Framework Versions" in the Acoustic Tealeaf Client Framework Data Integration Guide.

Passive Capture Application configuration

By default, the Tealeaf Passive Capture Application captures a number of the mimetypes that are posted by rich internet applications. Depending on the type of application you are deploying, you can enable the capture of more types.

Tealeaf Web SDK requires the Passive Capture Application to be configured to enable the capture of JSON content in the request.

You must also configure the Passive Capture Application to capture the wanted POST traffic. Passive Capture Application can be configured to include or exclude specific file extensions, mimetypes, and POST types.



Ensure that your Passive Capture Application installation was configured to capture JSON mimetypes.

If dynamic JavaScript or CSS style sheets must be captured, the Tealeaf Passive Capture Application must be configured to capture this content. Avoid capturing dynamic versions of content that is typically static. As an alternative, you can capture this content to a static archive.