Inbox control API additions for Android


1. New methods for inbox control API

The inbox control api has new methods.

This method is called every time an inbox message is received in a simple push message.

  • @param messageId The message id
  • @param contentId The message content id
  • @return true if this message should be loaded immediately from the server, false otherwise
public boolean shouldFetchMessageFromAlert(String messageId, String contentId);

This method is called just before a message is inserted to the sdk message db

  • @param message The new message
  • @return The message that will be added to the database or null for not adding anything
public RichContent processMessageBeforeDbStorage(RichContent message);

This method is called right after a message is added to the sdk message db

  • @param message The added message
public void messageAddedToDbStorage(RichContent message);