Transact maintenance and operation

Maintain Transact XML

This section contains important information about how Transact operates, maintains Acoustic Campaign databases, and there is also some basic troubleshooting information.

Transact and Acoustic Campaign synchronization times

  • Acoustic Campaign Database maintenance by Transact
  • Transact / Acoustic Campaign Synchronization Times

Transact and Acoustic Campaign are independently operating programs and servers. Transact uses Acoustic Campaign databases, Acoustic Campaign email templates, Acoustic Campaign Automated Messages, and Acoustic Campaign Tracking. To do so, you must synchronize the information between the two programs.

Changes to VMTA Retrieval

VMTAs are retrieved in the following order:

  • Database
  • User
  • Organization

Changes in Acoustic Campaign

If you make a change in Acoustic Campaign, such as adding a database, changing a template, creating an automated message, or adding an IP address for submitting XML documents, allow up to 20 minutes for Transact to become aware of these changes.

Submitting information Using XML

Information that is submitted through the XML Submit document synchronizes with Acoustic Campaign after a short time. Acoustic Campaign then adds the data to the database, and tracks the hyperlinks through this mechanism. After the information is submitted through the XML Submit document, allow up to 1 minute for the information to synchronize with Acoustic Campaign.



If a contact receives an email and clicks a hyperlink before synchronization is complete, the link works, but Acoustic Campaign does not track it.

Acoustic Campaign Database Maintenance by Transact

Transact maintains its databases in Acoustic Campaign. Because of the large amount of data, databases can become unwieldy, so Transact removes some contact detail after some time, as shown in the list below.

Contact-level detail

Transact deletes database data based on the organization's Data Retention settings and then it is archived like regular Acoustic Campaign data.

Aggregate-level detail

Campaign detail remains available from the reports.

Saving recipient-level detail

If you want to keep recipient-level detail after the specified date for your organization, you must export this data and save it on your computer.