mGage WebMO API

The mGage WebMO API allows an external system to send a virtual mobile-originated (MO) message to an SMS Program in the SMS Campaign Manager.

Note: This WebMO API is not an XML or REST API. It is invoked with POST method and contains required parameters in a query string.


You can use this API to:

  • Enter a mobile user into a Multi-Step Program to trigger a Double Opt-in Confirmation
  • Opt-in to and opt-out from a Text to Join program

Before you Begin

Before you can make API calls, you’ll need the following:

  • Get the SMS Program ID from the SMS Campaign Manager
  • SMS API access. You must receive your SMS API authentication credentials from Provisioning

Obtaining SMS API credentials

You must have the appropriate authorization credentials to make SMS API calls. Provisioning will request a username and password on your behalf. You will receive an email notification with the username and password credentials from our SMS partner.

Note: The email notification from our partner may contain additional information. This information is not applicable to your SMS setup — you only need the username and password to make the SMS API calls listed below.

If you do not have SMS API access, contact Client Support.


This operation uses HTTP Basic authentication that you should have received from Provisioning. If you do not have these credentials, go to the Support Portal and open a case with Provisioning.

End Point


Authorization: Basic {token}




campidProgram ID number for Multi-step program. (All other SMS programs such as Text to Join, Text for Info, Text for Email, etc are not supported.)
destinationField that contains the short code associated with the Multi-step SMS program.

Valid Format: 37911, 87658 etc.
originatorThe mobile number entered into the program.
Note: This phone number must be in E.164 format.
messageThe content of the text message. When forwarding a contact into a Multi-step SMS program, this field is used as the virtual MO to enter them into a session-in this case, a Keyword configured for the Multi-step SMS program.