Required baseURL Changes

Upgrade from old baseUrl to new baseUrl

Acoustic is delivering enhancements to help marketers focus on value-added tasks, deliver ideal experiences, and bring campaigns and content to market faster. As part of this effort, Acoustic is providing a streamlined user experience across products, including updated branding, improved navigation, and a modern design. These branding updates include changes to our baseURL values used by our Campaign mobile messaging SDKs.

What is happening?

As of April 1, 2022, the original Campaign mobile push baseURLs used by our SDK will be retired. You can find the old and replacement baseURLs values in the following table.

PodOriginal URLNew URLNew URL availability dateOriginal URL end-of-life date



Any app install that has not been updated before April 1, 2022, will no longer be able to communicate with the Acoustic Campaign service; however, push notifications will continue to function. This effectively means you will be able to send notifications, but device events will no longer be reported by the device (sessions, attributes, etc.).

What action is required?

All customers using the Acoustic Campaign mobile push SDKs must update the baseURL value used in their app builds and deploy their updated apps to the app stores prior to April 1, 2022. Ideally, this change should be made by early 4Q 2021 so that all app users have sufficient opportunity to update their app version before the URLs stop working on April 1, 2022.

You must have used the Mceconfig.json to define the SDK baseURL value for your app for the most part, but if you are a Cordova platform developer, you would have used the config.xml file.

To update the baseURL value:

  1. Locate the baseURL currently being used in your files in the Original URL column of the table provided in the previous section.
  2. Update the value in your files to the corresponding new URL value in the table's New URL column.
  3. You must then recompile, package, test, and submit the app to the app store.

This operation is required for both Android and iOS apps. Should you encounter any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to your CSD or Support.