Migrate Android SDK 3.8.1 to 3.8.2

When migrating the app from the Android 3.8.1 SDK to 3.8.2, do the following:

  1. Replace the existing .aar files with the new .aar files.
  2. Update the code that syncs inbox/in-app messages, if using our inbox plugin. For more information, go here.
  3. Add the message-processors JSON object in the plugin-inbox.json file, if using our inbox plugin:
  "notification-actions": [
      "type": "openInboxMessage",
      "class": "co.acoustic.mobile.push.sdk.plugin.inbox.InboxMessageAction",
      "initOptions": {
        "templates": {
          "html": "co.acoustic.mobile.push.sdk.plugin.inbox.HtmlRichContent"
        "inboxControl sets a custom inbox control implementation": "set this to the inbox control class name or leave empty for default implementation",
        "inboxControl": ""
  "message-processors": [
      "name": "messages",
      "class": "co.acoustic.mobile.push.sdk.plugin.inbox.InboxMessageProcessor"



The message-processors JSON object is required for Android SDK 3.8.2.