Check status of SMS sent

SMS messages sent using the Transactional SMS API will not appear in the Acoustic Campaign user interface. However, you can view send status in the SMS Campaign Manager user interface by selecting Messages.

To check the status of the SMS send, you'll need the transaction ID returned in the Transactional SMS API response body. Provide this transaction ID in the Get SMS Status API call to return the send status for contact(s) included in the API call.



Delivery receipts might not be available for select SMS messaging codes.



transactionId [required]A transaction id returned by POST /channels/sms/sends, string,ae70ea-162877c3e4d-2b052f2fd757abaa295b8c317ca481e9

Response codes

Status not yet returned200Transaction status not found. Please try your request again in a few minutes.Note: Use of invalid transaction IDs will return this message.

If status is available, the response will return the following:

Response FieldData TypeDescription
totalContactsNumericTotal number of contacts specified in the original sends request
contactsProcessedNumericThe number of contacts to whom we attempted to send
errorsStringSend error that happened. This could indicate an invalid program (channelQualifier), invalid phone number, or SMS provider not available.
Note: Transactional SMS API also checks for consent.
contactStatusArrayArray of contact specific status
contactID or contactLookupNumericThe recipientId or contactLookup value(s) processed
smsSentBooleanFlag indicating if the SMS was sent to the contact
messageString(optional)Error message is specified when the SMS was not sent to this contact

Sample Response Body – Get SMS Status API

  “meta”: {
    “attributes”: {},
    “generalErrors”: [],
    “fieldErrors”: {},
    “links”: [],
    “nextPageUrl”: null
  “data”: {
    “totalContacts”: 2,
    “contactsProcessed”: 2,
    “contactStatus”: [
        “contactLookup”: [
            “channel”: “SMS”,
            “value”: “19492319305”
        “smsSent”: false,
        “message”: “No consent found for 19492319305 in program 148078”
        “contactId”: 2354186872,
        “smsSent”: true
    “errors”: []  }

Test your API call

Use Swagger to test your API call. To access the Swagger environment for your Org, replace {POD#} with the Pod where your Org exists:

For example, here's the link to use if your Org is on Pod 1:!/channels/sms_to_contacts_post_1