Create a relational table - CreateTable

Create a relational table in Acoustic Campaign

Elements (Required)

TABLE_NAME - The name of the new table.

COLUMNS > COLUMN - XML nodes that define the table columns that you are inserting or updating.
Note: Unique key columns must be part of the submission with column names and

The following elements are children of COLUMN (not all children elements may be required for your call):

NAME - The name of the column.

TYPE - The type of column to create. This is a list of valid values:

  • TEXT
  • DATE
  • TIME

IS_REQUIRED - Defines whether to create the column as required. Valid values are
True or False.

KEY_COLUMN - Added to field definition and defines a field as a unique key for
the table when set to True. You can define more than one unique field for each table.

DEFAULT_VALUE - Defines the default value of the column if the row does not contain
a value for this column.

SELECTION_VALUES - Defines values in a drop-down list. You must provide at least one
VALUE element for when your TYPE is set to SELECTION.

VALUE - A single value in a drop-down list.


Elements (Results)

SUCCESS - True if successful; False if not.

TABLE_ID - The ID of the relational table created in Acoustic Campaign.