Add a column to an existing relational table

New columns can be added to an existing Relational Table without manual user interface interaction.

Functionalities available

This REST API call has POST functionalities.
Method: POST

Sample Request Body

“columnName”: “2019 Membership”,
“columnType”: “YesNo”,
“required”: false

Only columnName and columnType elements are required. The required element is optional.

Swagger URL

https://api[your pod number]!/channels/relationaltables_addcolumns_post_post_1

Rules for columnName

  • Special characters “/”, “.”, “&”, “<", "," and ">” are not allowed.
  • System reserved names (EMAIL) are not allowed.

Rules for columnType

The only accepted values are

Rules for required

Must be either true or false.

Response Codes:

ConditionStatus Code/Error LevelError Message
New column was added.200n/a
Invalid value provided for {relationalTableId} or user does not have access to the Relational Table404 – generalErrorsRelational Table not found
columnName was not provided400 – fieldErrorscolumnName: Missing required data
columnType was not provided400 – fieldErrorscolumnType: Missing required data
Invalid value for columnName was provided400 – fieldErrorscolumnName: Invalid value
Invalid value for columnType was provided400 – fieldErrorscolumnType: Invalid value
Invalid value for required was provided400 – fieldErrorsrequired: Invalid value
Invalid element was supplied400 – fieldErrors{element}: Invalid field or value
Column already exists400 – generalErrorsA column with this name already exists
Relational Table already has 400 columns400 – generalErrorsMaximum number of columns has been reached for this Relational Table