Delete list REST API

Use this a RESTful API to delete a contact list or query, if the only associations are to message templates or sent messages.

If the requested contact source has other associated assets such as programs, landing pages, segment groups, automated message groups, web forms or recurring imports, the API will respond with an error, otherwise the API will provide a jobId in the response.

Any template or sent message associated to the deleted contact source will remain undeleted.


URL: https://api-campaign-[xx]-[y]{contactSourceId}

• Content-Type: application/json
• Authorization: Bearer {oauth_access_token}

No payload body is to be passed.

Response codeError message
202 Accepted
400 Bad RequestUnable to delete contact source due to existing association.
400 Bad RequestUnable to delete query of a relational table.
400 Bad RequestOnly contact list or query is allowed to be deleted via Rest API.
404 Not FoundList with ID {contactSourceId} does not exist.