Export a ruleset and associated content - ExportDCRuleset

Exports a specific ruleset and all associated content, including images, from the Acoustic Campaign asset library as a .zip file.

Acoustic Campaign places the resulting .zip file in the FTP or Stored Files directory based on your choice (Stored Files is the default directory if you do not select a specific location).

Elements (Required)

RULESET_ID - Defines the ruleset to export

Elements (Optional)

MOVE_TO_FTP - Used to retrieve the output file programmatically. If specified, Acoustic Campaign moves the files to the download directory of your FTP space. Omitting this element moves exported files to your Export Files directory in Acoustic Campaign.

<FILE_NAME>download/RS1 - 
Feb 23 2011 11-17-09 AM.XML</FILE_NAME>

Elements (Results)

SUCCESS - True if successful; False indicates an error and displays an error code with explanation.

JOB_ID - Contains the data job ID for the export

FILE_NAME - Name of the resulting file containing the exported ruleset