XML API overview

The Acoustic Campaign XML API library provides an efficient mechanism to accomplish many automation and integration tasks.

See detailed information about API requests and responses, as well as use the Postman Collection Collection to test your APIs, which includes Acoustic API Endpoints.

The XML API interface defines standard XML requests and responses for the following functions:

XML API endpoints

For all of the API endpoints below, the client token, secret, and refresh token are bound to the issuing Organization only. To ensure that you are able to access the most accurate information, be sure to use the link that corresponds to your pod.

Pod 1 – https://api-campaign-us-1.goacoustic.com/XMLAPI
Pod 2 – https://api-campaign-us-2.goacoustic.com/XMLAPI
Pod 3 – https://api-campaign-us-3.goacoustic.com/XMLAPI
Pod 4 – https://api-campaign-us-4.goacoustic.com/XMLAPI
Pod 5 – https://api-campaign-us-5.goacoustic.com/XMLAPI
Pod 6 – https://api-campaign-eu-1.goacoustic.com/XMLAPI
Pod 7 – https://api-campaign-ap-2.goacoustic.com/XMLAPI
Pod 8 – https://api-campaign-ca-1.goacoustic.com/XMLAPI
Pod 9 - https://api-campaign-us-6.goacoustic.com/XMLAPI
Pod A - https://api-campaign-ap-1.goacoustic.com/XMLAPI
Pod B - https://api-campaign-ap-3.goacoustic.com/XMLAPI