Delete relational table data - PurgeTable

Programmatically delete Acoustic Campaign relational table data.



Records are purged based on the time the record was last modified.

Only one of the elements TABLE_NAME or TABLE_ID are required, not both.

Elements (Required)

TABLE_NAME - Specifies the folder path and name of the relational table to delete. If you specify TABLE_VISIBILITY, Acoustic Campaign ignores Private/Shared in TABLE_NAME.

TABLE_ID - Specifies the ID of the relational table to delete. Acoustic Campaign does not specify Private/Shared as part of the path.

TABLE_VISIBILITY - Only required if not specified in TABLE_NAME. Defines the visibility of the table you are referencing: 0 (private) or 1 (shared).

Elements (Optional)

DELETE_BEFORE - Specifies a date range to purge data. The timestamp value is reflective of the user’s timezone. Date and timestamp value must be written as mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss

EMAIL - If specified, Acoustic Campaign sends a completion notification to the provided email address.

      <EMAIL>[email protected]</EMAIL>

Elements (Results)

SUCCESS - True if successful

JOB_ID - Identifies the Acoustic Campaign background job created and scheduled for this table purge.