Get a contact email list - ListRecipientMailings

Returns a list of Acoustic Campaign email for a specified database (or query) and contact as well as metrics associated with those emails.



This operation returns emails with associated events (i.e. open, clickthrough, bounce, etc).

Elements (Required)

LIST_ID - The unique ID of the database or query of the email you are requesting.

RECIPIENT_ID - The unique ID of the contact to look up emails.

Elements (Optional)

DATE_START - The starting date of your range in the format “mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss”
DATE_END - The ending date of your range in the format “mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss”

      <DATE_START>08/22/2021 00:00:00</DATE_START>
      <DATE_END>08/23/2021 23:59:59</DATE_END>
          <![CDATA[Digital Engage (1)]]>
        <SentDateTime>6/22/04 10:12 AM</SentDateTime>

Elements (Results)

SUCCESS - True if successful; False if not.

Mailing - Zero or more XML nodes containing the definition of each email. Each node must contain all of the following child elements.

The following elements are children of Mailing

MailingName - The name of the email (enclosed in CDATA tags).

Mailing ID - The unique ID of the email.

SentTS - Time Acoustic Campaign sent the email.

TotalOpens - Total messages opened.

TotalClickstreams - Total clicksteams clicked.

TotalClicks - Total links clicked.

TotalConversions - Total link conversions.

TotalAttachments - Total attachments opened.

TotalForwards - Total times a message was forwarded.

TotalMediaPlays - Total times media was played.

TotalBounces - Total bounces

TotalOptOuts - Total times opted out of email.