Update a column value - SetColumnValue

Updates a column value for all records in an Acoustic Campaign Restricted database or an Acoustic Campaign query.

Elements (Required)

LIST_ID - The ID of the restricted database or classic query used to determine what contacts to update.

COLUMN_NAME - The name of the database column to update.

ACTION - The action to take on the database column: 0 (Resets the value to 'null' or 0 depending on type), 1 (Updates to the COLUMN_VALUE), or 2 (Increments by 1). Note: Value 1 (Update) requires the element COLUMN_VALUE.

Elements (Optional)

COLUMN_VALUE - The value the database column is set. This element is required when the ACTION is Update.

EMAIL - The email address notified when the job is complete.

      <EMAIL>[email protected]</EMAIL>

Elements (Results)

*SUCCESS - True if successful, False if not.

JOB_ID - Identifies the Acoustic Campaign background job created to update the column values.