Export a mailing template - ExportMailingTemplate

Exports an Acoustic Campaign mailing template

The results of this call is an .stl file (a XML zip file with an Acoustic Campaign template extension) that is written to the FTP account associated with the current session. Optionally, you can copy the resulting file to Stored Files.

Elements (Required)

TEMPLATE_ID - Numeric ID of the mailing template to export. You can get the Template ID from the Email campaigns view and hovering your mouse over the email name. The TEMPLATE_ID retrieves the .stl file of an email template.

Elements (Optional)

ADD_TO_STORED_FILES - Use to write the output to the stored files folder within Acoustic Campaign. Omitting this element causes export files to move to the user's FTP space, under the download directory.


Elements (Results)

SUCCESS - True if successful, False if not.

FILE_PATH - Returns the file path and name of the export file.