Channel consent API


Get the consent value for a given database, channel, qualifier, lookup key, and destination. This could also include the external UID such as customerid or loyaltyid if there are web forms that customers could fill out and have a contact added to Acoustic Campaign with this information.

Functionalities available

The Channel Consent API call has GET functionalities.

GET: This call return contacts that match based on the lookup key.

GET /databases/{databaseId}/consent/{channel}-{qualifier}/{lookupKey}/{destination}
(e.g. /databases/746583/consent/PUSH-appKey1000/15063434671/MUID1234|XCID4321)

Scenarios that can be accomplished using this API

An external system calls the API to determine the consent status for the contact.

Request Body Model


AttributeRequiredDescriptionData type
StatusYesOpt in status. Acceptable values are ‘OPT-IN’ and ‘OPTED-OUT’String
consentDateOptionalOptional timestamp represented in a StringDate
consentSourceOptionalThe sourceString

Response Content Type


ParameterValueDescriptionParameter typeData type
database IdrequiredDatabase ID for PUSH app.pathLong
channelrequiredChannel for PUSHpathString
qualifierrequiredAppKey for PUSHpathString
lookupKeyrequiredLookup key (mobile user ID) for this contactpathString
destinationrequiredDestination for this contact (Xtify user ID and channel ID).pathString

Model Schema reference

"status": "String",
"consentDate": "Date",
"consentSource": "String"

Sample JSON Request Body



Swagger URL

https://api-campaign-[data center]-[pod#]!/databases/consent_put_put_9

For example, here's the Swagger URL for data centers in the US on pod 0:!/databases/consent_put_put_9