Get a list of mailing templates - GetMailingTemplates

Extracts a list of shared or private Acoustic Campaign mailing templates for your organization.

Elements (Required)

VISIBILITY - Defines the visibility of the mailing templates to return: 0 (private) or 1 (shared)

Elements (Optional)

LAST_MODIFIED_START_DATE – The start date used to filter mailing templates by the last modified date and time.

LAST_MODIFIED_END_DATE – The end date used to filter mailing templates by the last modified date and time.

IS_CRM_ENABLED – If set to True, the API only provides a list of mailing templates enabled for use within a CRM package. This allows users to create mailing templates built specifically for sending email from within a CRM product.


New update!

We've updated the API to include the message composer (beta) emails. The emails will be seen in the flowcharts for Light’s Out campaigns for Unica Campaign. The response will include the <EDITOR_TYPE> information. You can exclude the message composer (beta) emails by using the <EXCLUDE_WCH_MAILING> filter in the request.

EXCLUDE_WCH_MAILING – Filter to exclude any Message Composer (Beta) emails.

                 <![CDATA[20210211-AD-Small Business Saturday Deals]]>
              <SUBJECT>Exclusive Small Business Saturday</SUBJECT>
              <LAST_MODIFIED>02/11/21 02:51 PM</LAST_MODIFIED>
                 <![CDATA[20210210-AD-Newsletter-February Offers]]>
              <SUBJECT>New Offers</SUBJECT>
              <LAST_MODIFIED>02/10/21 04:30 PM</LAST_MODIFIED>

Elements (Results)

SUCCESS - True if successful; False if not.

MAILING_TEMPLATE – XML nodes to define the instances of each mailing template. Contains MAILING_ID, MAILING_NAME, SUBJECT, LAST_MODIFIED, VISIBILITY, and USER_ID as children.
MAILING_ID – The ID of the mailing template. You can get the Mailing ID from the Email campaigns view by hovering over the email name.
MAILING_NAME – The name of the mailing template.
SUBJECT – The subject line of the mailing template.
LAST_MODIFIED – The date and time when the mailing template was last modified.
VISIBILITY – The visibility of the mailing template (shared or private).
USER_ID – The user ID of the mailing template owner.
EDITOR_TYPE – Returns the type of email editor used to build the email. The following editor type codes are defined:

  • 0 – Windows client
  • 1 – Content builder
  • 2 - Published locked
  • 3 - Quick compose
  • 4 - Message composer