Get a list of mailing templates - GetMailingTemplates

Extracts a list of shared or private Acoustic Campaign mailing templates and Mobile Content templates for your organization.

Elements (Required)

VISIBILITY - Defines the visibility of the mailing templates to return: 0 (private) or 1 (shared)

Elements (Optional)

LAST_MODIFIED_START_DATE – The start date used to filter mailing templates by the last modified date and time.

LAST_MODIFIED_END_DATE – The end date used to filter mailing templates by the last modified date and time.

IS_CRM_ENABLED – If set to True, the API only provides a list of mailing templates enabled for use within a CRM package. This allows users to create mailing templates built specifically for sending email from within a CRM product. If this key is present in the payload, Mobile Content templates will not be returned by the API.

EXCLUDE_WCH_MAILING – Filter to exclude any Message Composer emails.

                 <![CDATA[20210211-AD-Small Business Saturday Deals]]>
              <SUBJECT>Exclusive Small Business Saturday</SUBJECT>
              <LAST_MODIFIED>02/11/21 02:51 PM</LAST_MODIFIED>
                 <![CDATA[20210210-AD-Newsletter-February Offers]]>
              <SUBJECT>New Offers</SUBJECT>
              <LAST_MODIFIED>02/10/21 04:30 PM</LAST_MODIFIED>

Elements (Results)

SUCCESS - True if successful; False if not.

MAILING_TEMPLATE – XML nodes to define the instances of each mailing template. Contains MAILING_ID, MAILING_NAME, SUBJECT, LAST_MODIFIED, VISIBILITY, and USER_ID as children.
MAILING_ID – The ID of the mailing template. You can get the Mailing ID from the Email campaigns view by hovering over the email name.
MAILING_NAME – The name of the mailing template or ID of the Mobile Content template.
SUBJECT – The subject line of the mailing template.
LAST_MODIFIED – The date and time when the mailing template was last modified.
VISIBILITY – The visibility of the mailing template (shared or private).
USER_ID – The user ID of the mailing template owner.

FLAGGED_FOR_BACKUP – reserved for future use.
EDITOR_TYPE – Returns the type of editor used to build the content. The following editor-type codes are defined:

  • 0 – Windows client
  • 1 – Content builder or mobile content builder
  • 2 - Published locked
  • 3 - Quick compose
  • 4 - Message composer