Get details about an automated message group - GetMessageGroupDetails

Provides the description of an Acoustic Campaign automated message group.

Elements (Required)

MESSAGE_GROUP_ID - The numeric identifier for the automated message group.


Note about group IDs

Because of legacy naming conventions, the MESSAGE_GROUP_ID is known at the CAMPAIGN_ID in older API operations. The Campaign ID returned in the Raw Recipient Data Export file can be used as the MESSAGE_GROUP_ID.

      <NAME>Welcome Campaign</NAME>
      <NOTES>Mailings are sent when subscription begins.</NOTES>

Elements (Results)

SUCCESS - True if successful, False if not.

USER_ID - The ID of the user that created the message group.

NAME - The name of the automated message group.

STATUS - The status of the message group: Draft, Active, Canceled, or Completed.

NOTES - This optional field contains notes describing the automated message group.

LIST_ID - The ID of the database, contact list, or query associated with the message group.

EVENT_TRIGGER - Indicates the event trigger for the automated messages: OptInDate, CustomEventDate, CalendarDate, Recurring, Transact, or None.

TRACKING_LEVEL - The tracking level for the automated messages: Unique, Aggregate, Open Only, or None.

CUSTOM_EVENT_DATE_COLUMN - Indicates the name of the database column that contains the date when the EVENT_TRIGGER is a CustomEventDate. This date determines when the automated mailing is sent.

CALENDAR_DATE - Indicates the date that the automated mailing is sent when the EVENT_TRIGGER is a CalendarDate.

SEND_PREVIOUS - Indicates if new contacts are sent all previously delivered mailings when the EVENT_TRIGGER is date-based. The valid values are either True or False.

ACTIVATION_DATE - The date the automated message group was activated. This element does not contain a value when the STATUS is Draft.

COMPLETION_DATE - The date automated mailings are no longer triggered.