Forward a mailing to another contact - ForwardToFriend

Sends a copy of an Acoustic Campaign mailing along with an additional message to specified contacts.



You must use the Mailing ID of an existing Sent Mailing.

This API is not available for mailings associated with Non-Email-Key databases.

Elements (Required)

SENDER_EMAIL - The email address of the message sender (the person forwarding the message).

rs or r - The internal ID of contact forwarding the message. Use rs with an encoded ID or r with an un-encoded ID.

m - Identifies the mailing to send.

RECIPIENTS - The email address of the targeted contact. You separate multiple values (addresses) with commas.

MESSAGE - The text of any additional message to accompany the forwarded mailing.

      <SENDER_EMAIL>[email protected]</SENDER_EMAIL>
      <RECIPIENTS>[email protected], [email protected]</RECIPIENTS>
      <MESSAGE>Forwarded Mailing</MESSAGE>

Elements (Results)

FTF_RESULT - A successful submission has no value. The possible error values for this element include:

  • 5 – Error w/ Sender recipient ID
  • 4 – Error w/ Sender email address
  • 3 – Error w/ mailing ID – not found
  • 2 – Error w/ recipient ID
  • 1 – Error w/ mailing ID – invalid format

ORGANIZATION_ID - Identifies your Acoustic Campaign organization.